Monday, June 12, 2006


The newspaper and its staple offerings
Politics finance and the current affairs
Are apparently matters of no concern
To a religious-minded spiritual person.

The secular and all mundane contraptions
Are engagements of lower persuations
But isn’t this world of multiplicity
Another facet of Divine reality?

Where and how then to draw the dividing line
Between the sacred and the undivine
To see in a murder or some misfortune
The Cosmic hand is not unreasonable.

To adore the Divine in its seclusion
Would be to acquit it of patent collusion
And hence why not insist on an open trial
Till it divulges the Midas magic formula.

Till then to banish philosophy from life
And the world would be myopic ventures
For if we really look at it aright
It’s all the playfulness of the sacred.

So no point in drawing separate charts
For all fall under the concurrent list
What seems secular or merely academic
Is nothing but whims of an Imperiality.


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