Monday, June 12, 2006


How ecstatic is the first sight of the sea
The vast body of blue overwhelms you
The arch of distant horizon takes afar
One feels instantly some celestial joy.

But a few moments later it vanishes
Giving way to a gloomy state of mind
For the comparision brings home the fact
That man is such a puny little creature.

From Chaos and Strings to Games theory
Man strives to get at the driver’s saddle
One tsunami or Katrina dislodges
All his claims to superiority.

The Logistics follows no sane logic
The manners of Marketime are secret
One Invisible hand rules everything
Evolution or creationism.

Secular affairs in the meanwhile
Continue pretending to be wholesome
Man works and earns as if all on his own
And leaves some tip for sentiments god ward.

The conundrum of sacred and mundane
Is the most riddle-some issue for man
The illusion-of-the-obvious blinds
And man gropes for the real road for ever.

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