Thursday, October 19, 2006


Why fear the clash of civilizations
Why panic at demise of languages
Why dread the prospect of abolishing
Of geographical boundaries.

In a constant state of flux, the cultures
Are always competing with each other
For war is the father of everything
Spur of growth comes from antagonism.

In a tacit pact of mutualism
They are seen at times in commensalisms
Parasitism is not tolerated
It is verily a dog eat dog world.

The cross-cultural choreography
Is spreading contagion of fusion
It is to be seen in the days ahead
How the castes would preserve their purity.

Traits and preponderance of qualities
Hallmarks of ethnic identities fuse
What emerges from the post-modern cauldron
Would go against monolithic notion.

Let a million freedom-flowers bloom
Let us sing in a billion strong tongues
May we unite in our aspirations
To build the one Gnostic community.