Monday, June 12, 2006


‘Formula fixated’, ‘go-with-the-flow story’
‘Optical opium’ of ‘Good triumphs’
‘Reflection’ hard on a pre-reflective habit
‘Porous chorus’ cuddles the ‘spoon-fed’ crowd.

Culture shock in ‘intricate patterns of morality’
Soaked in ‘rich textural ramifications
‘Dense dimensions’ of ‘psychological inferences’
If falls on deaf ears, it’s of no wonder.

‘The all-pervasive darkness of mood’
When ‘good-face bad-face mask’ is unveiled
And ‘taking the audience into confidence’
Perhaps it’s crime to ‘treat the audience maturely.’

With all that excellent promos and hype
Raunchy music and ‘sleaziest’ dance numbers
‘A classic in retrospect,’ no small consolation
Even as its tribe ‘sets impossible standards.’

‘Keeping the faith alive helps a creative’ soul
‘To abide by his convictions’, ‘success or failure’
Set him free in he ‘visualizes’ ‘the way’
May the ‘Mera-Naam-Director’ have his say.

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