Monday, February 20, 2006

Parents, grand-parents and great-grand-parents
My life is half-way of a long story
Of innumerable births, growth and deaths
Like philosophies rise from each other.
Earth’s solar parentage and Milky-way
With its fraternity of galaxies
Speak of a fine mysterious epic
And sing the glory of epiphany.
History or science and technology
Are garlands connected by unseen threads
Events or objects are mere facades
Imbricated, inter-penetrated.
The world we see and live in with others
Is crowded by our countless worlds within
And in constant exchange of the forces
And influences of the other worlds.
Tales like Bush & son vs. Saddam, Laden
Are therefore not easy to comprehend
Social sciences which fail to factor in
The ET are futile speculations.
The many-layered existence of truth
Complex-notions of teleology
Must seize our thought and action all the time
That’s how we become true to ourselves.

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