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Debi and Prachi

My opposition to BJP, RSS, and Modi has become an additional factor for Hindutva votaries avoiding Sri Aurobindo's oeuvre. We don't have clear indications regarding current political choices from either The Mother or Sri Aurobindo, yet fighting fascist tendencies remains crucial.

Two books, Sri Aurobindo and Karl Marx by D.P. Chattopadhyaya and The Meeting of the East and the West in Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy by S.K. Maitra, helped me substantially to understand theory. Later, The Humanization of Transcendental Philosophy by R. Sundara Rajan was pivotal.

We have been demanding granting Sovereignty to different States of India on the basis of language under a Federation like Europe. But those spewing hatred against some language or the other seem to be misguided. Learning multiple languages has many advantages for each individual.

Nothing more puerile than associating languages with specific religions or philosophical system. Humanity's quest for knowledge and aesthetic necessities have harnessed various languages across space and time. They all need to be respected and appreciated; The Mother spoke French

Of course the language and our Katak version since a slight variation feels like being slighted. No language is static and it's difficult to check distortions but thankfully old movies and songs have amply documented it for the future generation. It's not parochialism but purity.

I'm not an expert on the subject but as far my perception goes, what you call Standard Odia was the language of the undivided Cuttack district. Other twelve districts betrayed some variation of intonation. I'm born and brought up in Sailo Jharapada village on bank of Debi River.

Too cryptic to convey meaning! However, generalising can be done in either way.

Agree with you but there is no solution to geography and regional differences. Respecting all variations by disregarding jokes is the only sane approach. Btw, I remember having used the word Darpana always when young.

Can't agree fully since many Odia words that we love are from Persian, Portuguese, etc. or their distorted forms. Each language evolves and Odia is no different.

Exchange of words will continue but one reason why Odia will attain prominence one day IMO is because of its beautiful rounded script. Let's hope that all Indian languages will adopt it. If Urdu is written in Odia script not many would have objections against it.

I appreciate your concern and respect your sentiments. If you can do something tangible in this direction, that'd be great. But right now, I'm trying to enjoy the vast treasury of old Bengali songs which I had neglected for the last sixty years because of a psychological barrier.

Ritu Sarin awarded IPI Excellence in Journalism 2017 at IIC

Seminar on Challenges of Democracy at the Constitution Club organised by Ananta Balia Trust, Odisha.

Democracy in danger; Seminar organised by Ananta Balia Trust, Odisha.

Odisha needs a new CM and it must keep BJP at bay. Those who agree on these two basic points can vote for the best independent candidate to create a new paradigm of participatory Democracy. Major political parties have become dictatorial and their stranglehold needs to be broken.

BJD is holding firm against BJP and Congress in Odisha on its own without the crutch of Muslim and Christian votes or any casteist polarisation prevalent in other States. The party must elect a new face as leader for 2019 otherwise is sure to face defeat; it's unpalatable truth.

A section of educated youth in Odisha is getting lured by BJP in the recent past. Exploiting their anti-incumbency sentiments is fine for a political party but holding #Odishaparba in Delhi is too elitist and pandering to Odia nationalism can be counterproductive. Beware of RSS!

Of course the language and our Katak version since a slight variation feels like being slighted. No language is static and it's difficult to check distortions but thankfully old movies and songs have amply documented it for the future generation. It's not parochialism but purity.

Watching videos of Black and White Odia film songs on YouTube remains a dream even today. Hope, #ClassicalOdia activists and organisers of #Odiaparba divert a fraction of their energy towards this worthy cause. @CMO_Odisha too should lend a helping hand for this golden treasure.

Odisha before 1936 was under different rulers and its different regions belonged to different cultures and languages. Imposing homogeneity now seems fashionable but is utterly unreasonable. Bordering States and their languages will continue to hold attraction for several reasons.

Heard Ogo Nirupama for the first time and later Akshaya Mohanty's Badhu Nirupama to compare.

[Bijoy Sarkar (born Bijay Krishna Adhikari, 20 February 1903 – 4 December 1985) was a Bangladeshi poet, baul singer, lyricist and composer.] @aakashaath

Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad - 

I was a science student and served a commercial bank with an abiding interest in arts and humanities. Ambivalence and incoherence of my tweets I attribute to my modest education, average intelligence, and limited memory. This, obviously, is normal of human condition and finitude!

Savitri Era: Ayodhya dispute robbed RSS of reason #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #HumanUnity #Auroville #SavitriEra #SavitriEraParty 

Separate State demand for Odisha was a necessity but a subtle aversion towards the Bengali language that persists even today poses a cultural barrier. Odias can gain much in terms of movies & music from Bengali repertoire.

[Dadasaheb Phalke formed Hindustan Films in partnership with five businessmen from Mumbai. Baburao Painter and his main disciple V.G. Damle eventually put together a working camera in 1918. He was also a film enthusiast and founded Maharashtra Film Company in 1919 at Kolhapur.]

[Suprabha Sarkar had the historic opportunity to sing in the first playback song in Indian films along with Parul Biswas & Harimati in Bhagyachakra (1935), Mora Pulak Jachi and Hindi version Dhoop Chhayon (1935), Main Khush Hona] Musepaper: Aji jharo jharo

Much has been written on how Bankim Chandra's Vande Mataram ignited the Freedom movement but the role of music and poetry in catching the imagination of people goes back a lot farther which keeps various streams of philosophy alive.

Musepaper: Chaiti fuler ki bandhis
Some iconic old Bengali songs

[Vijay Malla was a biggest asset for Kashmiri language and literature. He was young and had to do a lot for ...] Vijay Malla Kashmiri (Gachun Gaam Che) #RepublicDay

Savitri Era: Auroville took birth 50 years back #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #Auroville50

Savitri Era: The Future Poetry was published 100 years back #SriAurobindo

Tusar Nath Mohapatra - Google Scholar Citations

INTACH team bats for re-scripting of history

The New Indian Express-12-Mar-2018
Realising the relevance of the rich civilisational remains of the Prachi Valley, INTACH had launched a project for listing of the monuments and remains of the rich river valley in January. Project Head and historian Anil Dhir said the entire stretch of the ancient river is being surveyed and every monument, ...

ASI unearths civilisation at Prachi valley without cultural gap for over ...

Times of India-12-Mar-2018
BHUBANESWAR: The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), Bhubaneswar branch has unearthed faunal remains of several marine animals and wild animals like rhinoceros at Bharati Huda excavation site, located at Prachi River Valley, about 50 kms from Bhubaneswar. The excavation has also thrown ...

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Sure step of Evolution

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Light radiated from Puducherry

Survival of the fittest tantamounts to being commercially viable at present, and so languages & religions need much more than mere emotions.

Events baffle but the sure step of Evolution is on
Apparent discord proceeds towards an unseen Harmony
In conflict, people prepare the road.

Rather than the paradigms of the past
Nature would hew new pathways
A destination, eschewing repetition
To the Vedic progressive Perfection.

War, a Vedic device to score over the night
And welcome Evolution, an unavoidable interregnum
A delight for the hero but for choosing sides.

Tagore's ambivalence over Sandeep
And Subhas hobnobbing with Hitler,
Gandhi's fetish for Nonviolence,
Marxists securing Nehru's obedience.

Not easy to decipher the ways of the Evolution
Eminent men have faltered in their sojourn
Not Pune nor Delhi
Light radiated from Puducherry.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Finitude and Philosophy

Finitude and Philosophy

Sadhu-Sanga mulls over consciousness
From pigs to piano, quantum and qualia
Taking a tour from Turing to Penrose and Rosen
Leibniz to Gödel

Machines can know their incompleteness
Numbers conspire to spur consciousness
Notions from Nagasena to Chaitanya
Tug of war over physicalism

From eight-limbs Yoga to eight-bends Gita
Mails flying to and fro throughout eight praharas
Weaving web of words on world wide web
To comfort

Theories don't compare, domains vary
Pushing names a political game
Leibniz is lionised, Gödel waiting for Godot
TM and Vedic Unified-Field

Investigating consciousness via science
And mathematics can never be satisfying
Because of the subjective nature
Of the object of observation.
It's agreed that we are far away
From any semblance of a solution
This should mean as a very sobering attitude
In the face of human finitude.


Savitri Era: Ashtavakra, Nagasena, Chaitanya, and Mahesh Yogi #SriAurobindo
Excellent Tusar. Without laughter, joy and detachment, there is no life.

N. Panchapakesan

 New Delhi 
RE: [Sadhu Sanga] back to Thomas Nagel, "Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature Is Almost Certainly False" (2012)
" Hegel put himself outside this tradition." A recent book, "Hegel's India" brings into focus his tryst with Indian philosophy giving rise to the speculation ...
16 Apr by me - 392 posts - 54 authors
Re: [Sadhu Sanga] Response to your question on Bohm's theory.
Tweets by Tusar Sir @SavitriEraParty. (Tusar Nath Mohapatra). Sadhu-Sanga mulls over consciousness. From pigs to piano, quantum and qualia.
26 May by me - 23 posts - 10 authors

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Life vs. Yoga

Wednesday, June 28, 1995

Life vs. Yoga

Thou shalt not love
All egoistic attachments will have to go,
Be it freinds or the family
The whole world revels in quid pro quo.

Thou shalt not speak
The first condition is to speak as little as possible,
In silence is the peace
To indulge in gossiping is wrong and listening to too.

Thou shalt not read
Sheets of falsehood should not mar your mornings,
Novels and Dramas too
Which incite the passion and drag you down.

Thou shalt not judge
Of men, their actions and events, the Divine knows better,
Can one judge oneself?
So it is but futile to look at things this way or the other.

Thou shalt not do good
To be altruistic is to be covertly egoistic,
Be just for justice' sake
Not for others' gratefulness as a bargain

Thou shalt not enjoy
When joy comes, can grief be far behind?
Prefer good to pleasant
By renouncing only comes the true enjoyment.

[TNM55 - 280695]

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Aji akashe is magical and majestic

Aji akashe is magical and majestic. Although the film Sri Lokanath has since been resurrected, watching the video of its songs has not been possible till now. How long to wait? [TNM55]

Matches majestically to the Pakhiraj elsewhere

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Rat sarabi prit gulabi jaubana dake a ~ Lyrics at

Tusar Nath Mohapatra

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~ Video clip at
~ Original version by Balakrushna Dash

Tusar Nath Mohapatra

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Pranab Patnaik in Sadhana (1964)

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Fine prose that Surya babu weaves

Thanks for the nice review but the critical aspect seems to be stemming from an erroneous translation of Tarjama as Analysis. Tarjama is more of an Account or Interpretation while Bishleshana is the right word for Analysis. So, we can forget the objection and enjoy the fine prose that Surya babu weaves and highly insighful connections he makes. With good wishes for his forthcoming book on Odia film songs, [TNM55]

When I Google Tarjama, it has several meanings including transfer. And the second aspect is Surya babu’s account is actually replete with analytical observations. That they are limited to a select parameters is another matter. So without expecting any further (higher) discourse, it can be said that Tarjama in the subtitle is not out of place. Thanks. [TNM55]

One would ordinarily agree but for the word factual which, viewed critically, turns out to be a misnomer. Surya Deo informs that a particular song is indebted to some folk style, but it’s not a self-evident fact. Thus, it’s through his idiosyncratic observations that they come out as facts to the reader. On the other hand, he might have identified some song as touching the hearts of a large number of listeners based on its lyrics which may not be really factual. Besides, the book also contains some errors which we treat as facts till the new book is published.
It’s good that this conversation is prompting us to examine Deo’s text and its sub-texts more closely but to say that it lacks analysis would amount to denying him of any originality. [TNM55]

[on 23rd may film journalist's forum is going to screen Chilika tirey @ jaydev bhaban. on that occassion my new book Odia cenema geeta 1936 ru 1069 will be released . need your blessing and support. here is the link for cover viewing.
Surya Deo.]

Tusar Nath Mohapatra

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Tusar Nath Mohapatra

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Tusar Nath Mohapatra

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Tusar Nath Mohapatra

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The song sequence with Minati is from Sadhana (1964).

Tusar Nath Mohapatra

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Video clip at

Tusar Nath Mohapatra

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Video version at

This evocative song belongs to the film 'Abhinetri' (1965).

Tusar Nath Mohapatra

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Akshaya Mohanty Top 21 Non-film songs: Ei kala mora kalanka Thik tori pari jhia tie Chandrama eka chandana bindu Hari jaithiba loka-ra ki achhi Kalankita ei nayaka He faguna tume Smruti tume paunsha tala-ra nian 

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Jhum jhum Sapanara Eka eka Chhaya

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Sir, Apankar e sangraha dekhi mote bahut Irshaa laguchchi
Awesome! !! I remember my old days....khati with friends and singing..odia songs...thanks
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Many many thanks for keeping old odia music live.
So nice Bahut Sundar Sir Can I get your email / phone
sir orginal gita upload karantu
Thank you. The email address is

  1. Sir, your blog is fabulously awesome and mind blowing with lots of information for aspiring candidates of competitive exams. My salute for you sir.

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