Monday, June 12, 2006


If the Life-heavens are immune and pure
Free from any Manichean double-fault
The promised Harmony is very much a possibility
For being a blossoming pure potentiality.

Whence the deity’s three-some steps
Pervade the earth, the heaven and inferno
And what is grotesque is pressed into the past
Still chaos rules over the present-world.

Let’s be sucklers of the future then
And aspirants to the hidden harmony
What hasn’t come has of course to come
The heralds are but sure signs.

It has been a long wait of epochs together
For lilies and birds and swans and seagulls
Man’s reach is extending from moon to the sun
Yet his heart’s spark is out of his bounds.

And that one day when all would change
We shall swim in the plenary sunshine
Dwell in the happy home of Harmony
Of love and knowledge as warf and woof.

It’s a promise of possibility, unimpeachable
It’s because of tomorrow that today becomes bearable
Let’s awake to the lure of that alchemy
And pine for a pinch of that Panergy.


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