Friday, February 03, 2006

Doom as boon

From chrysalis on to apotheosis
When toddler dreams are about to take wings
Is heard the calypso of apocalypse
And lucidity is limped by a lisp.

The sight of a spider weaving its web
Or a chameleon changing its colours
Speak us of the mystery of creation
Through a process of steady expansion.

Then the law of the hand-drum operates
Thus begins the era of contraction
And the whole thing recedes progressively
Till it is ingathered in a point.

A cold cathartic cancerous kill-joy
Stealthily takes out the lynchpins of the carts
And then how far can be the disaster
Catastrophe follows as per the script.

The frightening fury of a vast flood
Or the volcanic ruin by an earth-quake
Are mere modalities of destruction
The driving force being the dissolution.

Seeds of detriment broadcast all over
Are waiting for their hour of sprouting
Still another insurgency can strike
The message of the new-age may mushroom.


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