Monday, February 20, 2006

After Krishna Chaitanya left Jiwan Pani
And Raghav Menon followed suit on Tuesday
Music or dance, art or philosophy
The brute body is the bottom-line.
Whole life spent on deciphering right
Between the lines or behind the screen-
For being creative is to have ‘vision to lie’-
And finding beauty in her original home.
In times of mass massacre by missiles
When freedom is in ferment, justice means war
And oil is the issue and not ideology
Ethics and aesthetics seem as distant dreams.
From invisible hand to surplus value
Survival of the fittest to reification
Nothing comes easily, nothing comes free
And ‘everybody is against everybody.’
Peace and non-violence and human values
And such other cherished goals of civilization
Appear as a false promise and a sham
And the future of mankind a hope forlorn.
But again it’s the play of Time-spirit
What it aims at is quite hard to foretell
Still, in spite of its rough exterior
It loves to chase a bit beauty and order.

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