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My original contributions to understanding Sri Aurobindo

My original contributions to understanding or interpreting Sri Aurobindo can be summarised under a number of heads:
1) Against Hindutva, Mythology, & Astrology
2) Vedas against Rituals
3) Against Vivekananda
4) Espousing Modernity & Democracy
5) Nationhood to States & languages.

We had high hopes in 2014 that Sri Aurobindo would now adorn the centrestage but after checking a large number of tweets it's evident that even in 2019 he is nowhere near anyone's wishlist. Really an unfortunate aspect for a nation which reserves ignominy for the greatest Indian.
Five dreams of Sri Aurobindo form a luminous roadmap for the mankind. An Evolutionary leap from the present state to a Supramental harmony might sound utopian but #SriAurobindo is emphatic about the possibility. So a federation evolving from Indian soil is a distinct eventuality.
Current election scenario is very much indicative of a plural polity based on regional aggrandisement concealing fissiparous tendencies. So from the Evolutionary point of view neither Nehruvian nor Hindutva national cohesiveness is a success. Languages reflect genuine nationhood.
Hope you support my campaign for granting Sovereignty to the States and other linguistically distinct regions. That's the ultimate solution.

Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.
Those owing allegiance to any of the present crop of religions can't obviously claim admission to Savitri Era Religion and hence it's better to make the choice early without indulging in self-deception, any further.

All along I have been reading the books by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. I don't want to corrupt my thinking by reading such books. I think, you should avoid too unless you are into academic research. Can't follow what you're saying exactly and why should it happen that way at all.

I have recommended this book for more than a dozen times since 2012.

That's what I said

Odisha was busy fighting for a separate State and the leaders then were of a different make; many were poets with a universal outlook. No wonder, Odisha admires Sri Aurobindo at a mass level. Sri Aurobindo too was not enthusiastic about Subhas; saw some strains of negative energy

Manohar Parrikar is my age. Unfortunately, his much admired talent or knowledge couldn't be harnessed at the national level in any noticeable manner. It'd be interesting to popularise and implement his philosophy of Development, if any, as a mark of genuine tribute to the leader.

Effort gives joy, says The Mother but Twitter also serves as an excellent medium for venting pent up emotions, albeit in euphemistic terms. Coping up is a perpetual challenge and those using unseemly language reflect this malaise best. So subtexts are clue

This much we know from The Mother & Sri Aurobindo: descent of the Supramental consciousness on earth was an uncharted path for which they "struggled, suffered, hoped, endured so much" and "attempted all, prepared, achieved all for us" but we can't produce evidence. It's all faith

I have written hundreds of tweets justifying Sovereignty for States. Links:
#MirraAlfassa #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion
Further, the underlying principles are alluded to here:

I don't watch TV but so many tweets against NDTV proves that it is serving the function of the principal Opposition party in a Democracy to its level best when the role of Parliament is actually getting increasingly eclipsed with the possibility of redundancy or even obsolescence.

"This meant a continuous thinking, a high and subtle and difficult thinking on several lines, and this strain, which we had to impose on ourselves, we were obliged to impose also on our readers," wrote #SriAurobindo but his followers unfortunately love to be at picture-book level

Prabhu Sri Aurobindo came along with a galaxy of geniuses: poets, philosophers, artists, and inventors to prepare the field for the Supramental consciousness. Many came before him too so that the contrast or tension becomes amplified. Need to understand this difference and forte.

It's always necessary to remember the shape of Indian map on August 15, 1947 to understand that India is not an integral whole and being deaf to regional self-determination is counterproductive. Graduating to a model like EU is the only way to avoid an ugly, USSR-like, situation.

I love reading Western philosophy but mercifully could not develop any attraction towards their fiction, movies, or music, not even poetry.
Why the Western music seems like a rollercoaster journey while our Hindi evergreen old movie songs are so neatly symmetrical is beyond me.
Zero attraction for TV serials, Cars, or Cricket is also something which I consider as a blessing. The time obviously is consumed by Twitter!
As a child I had promised to myself: No cosmetics and no narcotics which continues to be in force. So, many assume me to be ten years older.
Grey hair is also a good teacher. It alerts to be socially responsible so that one is saved from the temptation of stupidly playing younger.
Community life suffers a lot due to disproportionate reliance on cosmetics especially by women who feel younger & avoid normal conversation.
Savitri Era: Warp and woof of attraction and repulsion harnessing space and time

You are free to stick to theory but my approach is more practical than literal. Further, I have no clue as to what happens to another person involved in various activities while remembering The Mother. So, there can't be any theory to judge people or verify their progress in yoga

Some disagreements:
1. There are no compartments in Integral Yoga. All activities, including reading, involve multiple faculties and elevate them.
2. So blind reading is again an oxymoron.
3. Agenda is not about the body alone. It's a whole universe, even a volcano. @AgendaMother

Empty erudition is an oxymoron; more so when applied to The Mother's books. You're entitled to your opinion but trying to negatively influence other readers of the tweet who could derive a moment's inspiration is cruel. "Grant that nothing in us shall be an obstacle to Thy work."
Tusar Nath Mohapatra: My memories of the installation ceremony came alive. Thanks to all. mire must harbour the orchid and the rose #SriAurobindo #Champaklal #WorldUnion @SavitriEraParty
Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

You are a well read person and I respect your views. In any case, you are only supporting or justifying a fait accompli out of political love. Hope, you reconsider on this a decade hence. I however stand by my verdict and feel proud that no one has objected except @krishnarjun108
The PM is wrong
Savitri Era: I won't allow anyone to wash my feet Posted by Tusar Nath Mohapatra @NathTusar Director, SELF, SRA-102-C #ShipraRiviera #Indirapuram #Ghaziabad #UttarPradesh 201014 
#SavitriEra of those who adore,
Om #SriAurobindo & #TheMother

Promoting honest, astute, and dispassionate scholarship is the need of the hour to rectify distortion of history and the overall narrative accumulated so far. Courage needed to face Sri Aurobindo's work which is subversive of the tradition and religion.

I have always been against literal use of the words of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo and avoid quoting them. Actuality is just a solitary moment out of thousands of possibilities and hence demanding a certain course of events is uncalled for. They hold the rudder well & don't sleep.

People are more interested in the theatre of war, so his poetry may be useless for public taste, but dismissing Sri Aurobindo as a philosopher is not the right thing in the present circumstances. His forays into probing consciousness is exactly what science is seeking to unravel.

When I talked about politics over a decade back many were flabbergasted and some used to rebuke me as to how could I "use" Sri Aurobindo for such a lowly purpose. Now, of course, it has become mainstream but my focus on "using" Sri Aurobindo for fighting Hindutva remains untapped

I won't allow anyone to wash my feet and no one should. It's against personal ethics and modern values. When the PM sets an example of ceremonially doing the same, the backward march of negating what Bengal Renaissance achieved 200 years back, sets in. Why impose whims on others?
Please read the full thread. I'm questioning the rationale, and the criteria, of the very selection of a particular profession over others to be subjected to PM's fancies. Which book or manifesto gives sanction to such an arbitrary act of the State machinery or Party functionary?

Truth, I feel, is more important than insult. You can think over the whole thing later and judge how the organisation came to be built step by step and its contributions with a critical lens, without being swayed by hagiographies. A reappraisal can help understanding the present.

Twitter is about ideas, events, information, communication but is also literature, a sort of "aesthetic yoga" as K.D. Sethna (Amal Kiran) would term it. Those who privilege experience may find a tamarind tree to meditate under instead of wasting time here.

I have already said that what the kings did is none of my concern. I don't know, where I'm dishonest. As an academic subject it's okay but using certain episodes of history for arousing passion and political mobilisation is not a desirable thing. However, Democracy gives freedom.

See I'm arguing that whatever happened in the past is by Monarchs who are beyond Democratic or legal interrogation. So when you bring in Islam as an entity or agency, it's anomalous. What the kings did or didn't should be the point of attention but is of no avail. @fourfoldvision

I highlighted the fact of man killing man. Between cults, between ethnicities, between kingdoms, between rival businesses, so on and so forth. In most cases there is no credible history. However, such facts are being used dishonestly for spreading hatred against a specific target

Twitter being an open platform, all kinds of views need to be respected. Uninformed or unpalatable opinions also need to be circulated so that they come to the notice of a bigger audience leading to a wider engagement and animated debate. “A drop of ink may make a million think.”

Scholarship is a lifelong affair and narratives keep changing. Apart from his intellectual prowess, Sri Aurobindo did disclose in public (Uttarpara speech) that he can see the future, unlike other mortals. Contesting that claim is way beyond our faculties.

Considering the fact that humans have been inhabiting this planet since one lakh years, creativity relating to women by men through art, architecture, poetry, literature, music, and movies is recent. So much of content but women, unfortunately, are deprived of enjoying sentiment.

Haldia Township (West Bengal) is ideal.

The meaning of ola is a fool in Odia. But, April Fools' Day is a few days away! However, here is Rickshaw wala

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Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

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