Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Watch out!

In the immensity of unity
Replete with sheer impersonality
Or in the experience of nihil
There seems to be a big conspiracy.

For when you are pleased to have him banished
And happily basking in the glory
Of sovereignty and autonomy
The god appears and says, Hi! I love you.

That is rather unbecoming of him
Not to respect somebody’s privacy
But the attempt to challenge the loneness
Becomes a far more serious offence.

Zero versus one versus several
In an amply confusing conundrum
No point in splitting hair or breaking head
The proof of the pudding is in eating.

No theory has the monopoly
Over such arcane facts like god or truth
And so it is wise to be circumspect
Before believing in some rigid frame.

Our love for linear and symmetry
Hates the insurgency that god incites
An anathema for rationalist
God returns at precise frequency.


In this post-metaphysical era
A keen contest is underway between
Genealogy and teleology
Originary, imaginary.

Who would bring us the all important view?
Post-modernism or pataphysics
The quorum of quarks and quantum physics
Or gestalt and phenomenology?

Convolutions of the embodied being
Imposes its compulsions of cruelty
No amount of metaphorical stuff
Can heal and hence, failure of the poetic.

The stakes are quite high perhaps, for quick-sand
Of ambiguities and polyvalence
Are pointers to potency and deep tunes
In contrast to claims of empiricism.

I have a thousand suns sealed within me
Why should then I be dictated by one?
If I am one with the earth and cosmos
How can my body be a barrier?

To look at, why do I need a locus?
Why must my feelings tag as visceral?
One can be a new-fangled post-er boy
Post-poetic, post-philosophical.


Friday, January 20, 2006


Community and collectivity
A group, a tribe, an army or a phalanx
Ever ready to fight the adversary
But not unknown for the wars fought within.

Lofty pyramids of society
Or intricate organization trees
Are well-oiled systems of fraternity
Deep-rooted discontents notwithstanding.

Democracy and liberalism
Anchored by free-market economy
Have come up as the biggest twin-virtues
No statistics as to the social costs.

Neighbours, colleagues, peer-group and customers
Codes, customs, rituals and tradition
Relationships operate in fixed grooves
Lull outside concealing conflictual flux.

Interpersonal interface travels
In tangential trajectories ever
Bereft of nodus or penetration
And hence the eternal alienation.

Neither religion nor fornication
Nor the arts, culture and congregations
Have succeeded in forging just two hearts
Wanted, a new alchemy of fusion.