Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Watch out!

In the immensity of unity
Replete with sheer impersonality
Or in the experience of nihil
There seems to be a big conspiracy.

For when you are pleased to have him banished
And happily basking in the glory
Of sovereignty and autonomy
The god appears and says, Hi! I love you.

That is rather unbecoming of him
Not to respect somebody’s privacy
But the attempt to challenge the loneness
Becomes a far more serious offence.

Zero versus one versus several
In an amply confusing conundrum
No point in splitting hair or breaking head
The proof of the pudding is in eating.

No theory has the monopoly
Over such arcane facts like god or truth
And so it is wise to be circumspect
Before believing in some rigid frame.

Our love for linear and symmetry
Hates the insurgency that god incites
An anathema for rationalist
God returns at precise frequency.


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