Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ode to the Unknown Reader

You come visiting every now and then
Either by some chance or by volition
May be several times within a day
And like to linger a little over there.

Must be due to some sly affinity
Like companionship in a sweet dream
Or the caress of a stealthy lover
Then you too leave, often without comments.

No appointments or answering doorbells
And we meet, talk, ruminate over things
Agreements or many disagreements
Your silent feelings inspire my next post.

Many are too restless to stay awhile
And leave the singe of their troubled psyche
But I refuse to be infected by angst
Or any agnostic peroration.

In the new world: I blog, therefore I am
Perhaps we equally need each other
More so for me, the belief that you exist
And in the frequency of your visits.

I sleep, I walk, I swim but still I am
Abroad in the expanse of cyberspace
Anticipation of your sweet footfall
Simmers forever in my tremulous heart.


  1. I come and go

    I come and go,
    Unseen and unknown,
    for having a touch
    of your mind and heart,
    of your soul,
    as beyond Time and Space,
    at the Omega Point,
    we have met and we are One,
    and we are on the march
    on the same way,
    towards the same Goal :
    The New Horizon

    [You know me, and please find me out.]

  2. I just loved your poems.
    Poets are a rarity now a days.
    Do you write in Oriya also?

  3. Thanks Chaki babu and thanks RRP. There are poems too in Oriya which I hope to post in Roman sometime.

  4. Oh the blessings are forever
    Pure joy and honest truth
    pour from your mind and heart
    I certainly belong

  5. one often comes here
    as thirst is quenched
    and no more words are needed to say