Sunday, July 03, 2005


Desert spaces and the dull common days
Play hide and seek with our inspirations
Waiting patiently with the rod and line
For a big catch falling for red-herring.

Like sailing for months to see an island
Or combing the forest to spot a deer
Rummage around in the attic for toy
How the joy borders upon luck and chance.

Carrot and stick and chaos and fractals
Random lots and Fibonacci numbers
Lollipops and lullabies on the sly
Might lead to snowball a butterfly effect.

A thousand oysters wasted for a pearl
Once in a blue-moon comes the Midas touch
The old man and the sea is an old tale
Keep on tilling the field crave not for crop.

Oasis or rainbow is will-o-the –wisp
Kaleidoscope of false leads beckon
But the beacon of hope amidst the gloom
Is one’s intensity of emotion.

In emptiness of a jug has its use
So also the barrenness of a vale
Bartlebooth’s voyages are just not in vain
Recall Captain Ahab’s chase of the whale.

[Fri- 011004]


For want of a word in speech you stammer
And stumble while walking, without reason
When sailing smoothly pops up some hurdle
So goes the mystery of improbable.

Whether it is a play of hide and seek
Or just playing pranks upon the hapless
The stray events emerge from some secret
To teach a thing or two to unmindfuls.

For an unseen force calls the shots
But we are caught up in a transition
To a state of things devoid of discords
And therefore rise all these teething troubles.

Prick of imperfection is a lesson
To be aware that we are lacking in
Gripped by a sense of insecurity
We are forced to aspire incessantly.

Like a bottled up djinn, in other words
Restive to be uncorked and gain freedom
We too, wary of our mean finitude
Long liberty and lost autonomy.

An old story it is told recurrently
And yet the message is rarely brought home
The prophet proposes, alas! the death disposes
Perhaps the new dawn is still a long way.


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