Friday, January 08, 2016

I learnt my lessons in my own way

Modernity has a fetish for plurality, no doubt; but Savitri Erans rejoice over their lack of option. While I feel singularly fortunate personally in this respect, many devotees of The Mother are yet to be freed from other loyalties. To work upon this aspect of our devotion is surely a crucial dimension. [TNM55] at 10:57 PM
No greater contradiction than one loves India but not ready to read Sri Aurobindo. Plus, invoking the past by ignoring him is double whammy. at 2:58 PM
I have been able to retain my independence of thought and common sense as I'm not attached to any institution or angling for Govt patronage.
I don't deal with yoga or meditation on Twitter since I scarcely have any competence. Focus is on politics as per Sri Aurobindo and Karl Marx book.
As a matter of fact, my tweets are targeted at those who are unaware of Sri Aurobindo to whet their appetite & not who are already well-read.
Thanks to Sri Aurobindo, I don't have to bear the guilt of being a partner in demolishing Babri Masjid or hanging someone on his Birthday. Posted by Tusar Nath Mohapatra at 6:33 PM
Hate may not be the right word; I oppose BJP but also engage with it as a dormant well-wisher & distant (unsolicited) consultant. at 12:46 PM
I respect your sentiments and agree that many of my tweets are polemical. On Twitter, however, not many SIB Sri Aurobindians.
I don't force my opinions on anyone but nothing wrong in understanding contrary viewpoint as intellectual game. at 5:32 PM
Agreed but I'm also entitled to my imperfections. Besides how communications can be leveraged optimally, also matters.
@Nikhil_7D @avenger_D You are quoting someone who has displayed visceral antipathy towards Modi. I'm innocent beside him! @Janamejayan
@Nikhil_7D @avenger_D No, I never impose; I simply express my views as enabled by Twitter with a twin purpose: Sri Aurobindo and anti-RSS.
@Nikhil_7D @avenger_D No, I'm not asking for following any person. My request is to read the books by Sri Aurobindo.
@Nikhil_7D If you have read the works of Sri Aurobindo, I will not like to argue on them. My focus here is what Hindutva & tradition pursue.
@Nikhil_7D Point is you can't argue on exegetical matters on Twitter. No space. Email is okay. Here, the purpose is provocation & propaganda. at 11:43 PM
@kalisbrood I don't ask you nor any other to agree with me. I learnt my lessons in my own way and there is no reason to converge with yours.
@kalisbrood Each person has his own peculiar set of inspiration and circumstantial compulsion to write & share. Please don't be an obstacle. at 7:06 AM
I purchased a desktop in 2005 and in 2011, iPhone bought at same price replaced all its functions. Sri Aurobindo has similar potentialities. at 3:08 PM
There is nothing more precious for us than Sri Aurobindo's works. However, I'm not very enthusiastic about compilations. at 7:30 PM
Aug 26 @dikgaj I can assure you at the personal level that if you really study Sri Aurobindo in some detail, he will far surpass your expectations.
Aug 26 Tusar Nath Mohapatra ‏@SavitriEraParty
@aruaugust People are free to choose, they don't need my tutelage. Nor would I like them to be under some collective yoke like Hindu unity.
Aug 24 Those who are upset with linking my political preference with Sri Aurobindo are free to present their interpretation instead of advising me.
Aug 26 Many moan about a utopian free market but I consider the present state of India, warts and all, as the best example of a Market Economy. at 10:25 PM
I'd, however, prefer to wallow in my "confusion" and continue to propagate Savitri Era Religion with full conviction, since everyone is entitled to his or her inspiration (or, stupidity). [TNM55] at 8:24 PM
I fail to understand the meaning of endless speculations on alternative versions of the past. Some dutifully RT them at 5:20 PM
I'm a late riser and, hence, I dread the prospect of sleep timings slipping into the provisions of UCC. Nothing seems impossible at present! at 1:06 AM
I am not trying to convince you but just pointing out a sense of lack which this post doesn’t seem to convey. [TNM55] Posted by Tusar Nath Mohapatra at 2:34 PM
I requested: written history should be adequately consulted. You are surely entitled to "your" conclusions but SA has been conspicuous by his absence (selective amnesia) so far. You are free to do whatever you like. I'm just pointing out that ignoring crucial sources leads to wrong conclusion. Posted by Tusar Nath Mohapatra at 1:23 PM
@Ish_Apte The Constitution is a legal provision which ensnared me as soon as I was born sixty years back. So, here, I don't have any option. 
@jaganniwas I respect your love for Modi but fear that so much of trust and faith will come crashing down one day. Just keeping you warned! 
Listening to the music of a dance item Nataraja by Madhavi Mudgal set by A Maheshwar Rao on a poem by Mayadhar Mansingh with full Odia pride. at 10:26 PM
Interview misses a very important aspect. I found Bajrangi Bhaijaan truly devotional. at 3:54 PM
Two days National Conference inaugurated at NITTE

The 2 day National conference was inaugurated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum, Ghaziabad. Posted by Tusar Nath Mohapatra at 6:48 PM