Thursday, July 21, 2011

Unveiling the secrets of the ancient zodiac

[From Harish Kumar date 21 July 2011 21:22 subject A Personal Request Hi Tusar,
               As a follower of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, I would like to address the Aurobindonian Community, which is dedicated to furthering the dreams and aims of Sri Aurobindo. I have certain questions for which I would like answers from His followers. Since you are one of the leading lights of the Aurobindo Movement and have a blog which is objective and is dedicated to the quest for truth, I would like to address the Aurobindonian Community through your forum. I hope you will accede to my request. Love & Regards, Harish Kumar]

From Tusar N. Mohapatra date 21 July 2011 22:08
If you are interested in my views then I would repeat that the “Third” claim is unacceptable and repulsive. Please disclose your age, occupation, location, contact number, and postal address so that frank exchange of views is possible in future. You may approach Robert or Lori for publishing your “Questions to Aurobindonians” article. [TNM55] 

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