Friday, July 01, 2005

Where’s the party?
The Congress is in power. But it shows no signs of life
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Wanted, Overhaul

This shallow comment is quite unusual of Shri Mehta, whose insightful coloumns and reviewsare always intllectual treats. At a time when the Advani virus is likely to affect all political discourse and cause metamorphosis of all political parties, it is not fair to blame the Congress alone. Shri Mehta, in an earlier coloumn, has already pointed out that none of our parties are democratic in character. And strangely, there is no effort to plug this systemic lacuna. We are adoring a democracy in our country which is embedded in hypocrisy. A thorough reworking of our constitutional systems is the need of the hour. Let people like Shri Mehta take the lead in the matter.

Posted by: Tusar N. Mohapatra, India, 30-06-2005 at 1953 hours IST

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